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Jorge Hernandez is a fictional character created by author Mima. To learn more about this series, go to Jorge Hernandez is introduced in the latter part of Always be a Wolf but is the protagonist in The Devil is Smooth Like HoneyA Devil Named Hernandez and And The Devil Will Laugh

You may recall that in my first post, I mentioned my company Hernandez-Diego Inc. This is a company that I formed with my long-time friend and hermano, Diego Silva. Not to be mistaken, we are not related through blood, however, this does not matter. Our real family, it is those we choose during the course of our lives rather than that we are born into. These are the people who prove their loyalty and are there for us when needed. Diego has been this for me.

Like myself, Diego has little connection to his own family. His parents are still in Colombia, which is his home country, while his sister Jolene is also in Canada. His relationship with his sister, it has its ups and downs, however, i…