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Jorge Hernandez is a fictional character created by author Mima. To learn more about this series, go to Jorge Hernandez is introduced in the latter part of Always be a Wolf but is the protagonist in The Devil is Smooth Like HoneyA Devil Named Hernandez and And The Devil Will Laugh

My family was quite poor during the early years of my life. For this reason, I often felt like an animal trapped in a cage, full of energy, craving excitement but limited to the small world that my Papa had created. I knew I wanted more, needed more but as a child, what could I do?

It was the day that my cousin drove up on a dirtbike that something changed inside of me. I was 12 years old and everything about it was exciting; the sound, the speed, the power! I begged him to teach me how to drive and he avoided the question, briefly explaining how his beautiful new toy worked and inviting me for a ride. 

He didn't have to ask twice.

We drove away from the house slowly, mama glancing out …